Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff !!????&%$#^$%^$%&$%&

Wow this fiscal cliff is gonna throw me over the edge.  These tax hikes are really gonna hit home for me.  In my tax bracket I stand to pay about $2800 more in taxes, SS tax up, loss of half my child tax credit.  Ugh.  Not good for people living pay check to pay check (hand raised).  Not even looking forward to tax time.    What really gets me is all the talk about furloughing State workers because of the budget but a lot of state workers do very important jobs in public service to our communities.  Umm like workers for the State Police, Veterans Homes (Big one)  These workers are productive and provide important services more than I can say for our Congress and Senate right now.  If we were as productive as they are we'd be long gone.

Oh I forgot about the price doubling for a gallon of milk!  They've let these matters just drag on and on and on.  These two parties of government remind me of stubborn parents in a custody battle who just refuse to compromise for the sake of the children.  We are the children who suffer.

I think it will most likely work out, they will fix things at the last minute but this waiting and uncertainty gets your blood boilin'.

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