Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Annual Training

Well, 4th day of training.   So much for thinking I was going to be working out everyday, but I am sweating of the pounds while training in the field.  Last night in the woods though, YES.  I'm over this roughing it.  Cant wait to sleep on  my twin bed in the barracks, and take a shower anytime I want.  Enough complaining though because we did have some good training.  Now I'm sitting here on Guard duty at 4am (my partner is knocked out) waiting for the sun to come up over the mountain and waiting until breakfast when I can have my coffee.   Coffee is my only pleasure in the field.  Love coffee, even army coffee.

One of my soldiers saw a little bear out here in the field, hope no animals get brave and come into our area.  I'm not prepared for that, I don't have my weapon all I have is bug spray and some folding chairs.   The folding chair that I was trying to figure out how to get comfortable on and doze off but that wasn't working.  The sunrise is so nice, can't wait to see what today holds!
Time to get back in shape! ;)
     Well getting ready for another couple of weeks of Annual Training.  We're a couple of years home from deployment so the tempo has slowed somewhat for our unit and we have alot of new young soldiers. Especially young new females some of whom are expecting.  It will be nice to see my battle buddies and catch up on each others lives and train together again.  Hope we are fortunate enough to be in barracks with air conditioning.  I always overpack, we try to make the barracks a home away from home for a couple of weeks.  Although we females don't usually go all out like the guys who bring their flat screens, xbox's, playstations etc.....  We do have fun on our down time though.  We have a good time training too. 

     I've have two children back to back so this is my first time back with the unit and it's time to get back in shape.  I'm starting from scratch because I didn't work out while I was pregnant, shame on me.  Now that I'm older the army standard for me is not too hard, once I get myself there I'll be fine.  My 13 yr old son is my motivator and workout partner.  Annual Training is a good chance to be away from all the responsibilities of home and have a chance to work out everyday or more than once a day so I better make the most of it.