Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our Visit to the Macy Christmas Light show was a disaster

Well my first mistake was bad timing.  I missed the 12 noon show so I decided to make the 2pm show.  I took my two toddlers without making them have their nap first.  Disaster!!!    We parked blocks away and took the subway the rest of the way which was fun for them, their first time on a train.   We walked through city hall to Macys.  Macy's was sooooo crowded and we did not get their early enough to get a good spot.  Then my toddlers had to go potty which was across the store and on the third floor.  So one toddler missed the light show all together.  I was kind of disappointed with the show anyway.  After the 10 min light show they started getting cranky which I couldn't blame them because I should have known better.  We didn't get to go through the Dickens Village because the line was crazy and the kids were cranky  :(    so lesson learned.  Nap first, full belly, and get there Early!!!!!!         I will definitely try again next year. 

Macy's Christmas Light show at the old Wanamaker Store downtown Philadelphia.  Where they filmed the movie Mannequin, great movie.  Parking sucks but the kids love the lights. Actually I love more than the kids.

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