Tuesday, August 21, 2012

After Drill Review

Another great drill with my battles.  It's great feeling like family and having each others back to get through everything and anything together.  We have been through so much together.  Soon my nephew, who has recently joined the military, will be coming to my unit and I hope he feels right at home.  I really try to not sweat any petty stuff.  Try to limit gossip and trash talk.  I enjoy some gossip as much as the next person but they say "If someone will talk to you about someone, they will be talking about you to someone."  You know females always have these issues and one of my petpieves people who feel the need to cut other people down, especially females.  I love to see successful females and it motivates me.

Speaking of being like famliy, we are expecting some new additions and will be having a group baby shower after drill with drinks of course for us non-pregos.  Always a good reason to celebrate.  Alot of us women choose to stay in the military after we have babies.  Some because we love it and most because we are making a living.  Me, a little of both.  What would they do without us......

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