Sunday, August 5, 2012

Back to Civilian Job, Another AT down!

Well another Annual Training down, two weeks this year, next year will be three weeks. A few days in the feild and the rest in some brand new barracks, with AC!  I'm one of the older females now and we kind of feel like the Den mothers, whatever they call them.  I love to see women working hard and being successful.  I wish we women would always have each others back, lift each other up instead of tear each other down.  Theres always some of that and I give my little lecture about us all getting along and looking out for each other.  So we had our usual little he said/she said misunderstandings, etc.  Overall it was a good two weeks.  Now back to civilian employment.  I think soldiers who go back to their civilian jobs after training have much less tolerance for certain things that we civilians do at work like whining & bitching, disrespect, etc, etc..  Sweating the petty small stuff, gossip.  Wait, I like gossip.  Just listening, not repeating.  Who am I kidding soldiers do all those things but it just seems not to affect the job they way it does in the civilian workplace.  Anywho...good to have a break and good to be back.

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