Thursday, March 6, 2014

Before Pic January 2014

Well I'm putting my before pic out there for everyone to see.  My goal is to lose 45lbs.  Complete some 5Ks and maybe a 10K.  And to top it off a Spartan Sprint in September.  My time frame is 9mths.  I'm with my favorite work out buddy, My teenage son.  Getting in shape and getting healthy is something we are really connecting on, and we always have.  We have so much fun going to the gym and we started going to a trampoline park.  He does an okay job of hiding his embarrassment of my out of shape-ness.  Like when he had to fish me out of a Foam Pit. I was so tired, I felt like I was trying to climb out of a bowl of Jello.  So my son is helping me along the way and I love it.  His goal is to just get as strong as he can.

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