Friday, November 14, 2014

Yayy My teen and I get to attend a free three day adventure courtesy of Military Teen Adventure Camps.  We're going to Kentucky for a great time Whitewater Rafting, Climbing, Rappelling, and an outdoor expedition.  Sooo excited!



I, like most parents, love when I can spend time with my teen that isn't forced, which isn't too often.  But it makes me so happy that we both share a love for adventure and any activity that causes an adrenaline rush.  Such as riding roller coasters over and over again, obstacle courses, paintballing, and the time we took a Hot Air Balloon ride when my son (10 at the time) says he can't wait to try skydiving. Oh, only if it wasn't so expensive.


I try to foster this same love in my two girls, 2 1/2  & 4 yrs old.  Hope it doesn't back fire.  I forced them to ride their first roller coaster as Sesame Place last summer.  Even though they kind of screamed going on,   they definitely screamed because they did not want to get off, and begged to go again.  I like to put my kids in situations so I can see if they'll get scared and hope they can get over their fear.   We love Sesame Place and now they're getting used to going down their own water slides and running under a gigantic bucket of water falling on top of them.  Oh wait until they are taller, we're going to have so much fun.

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