Friday, November 14, 2014

Setbacks and new goals

                                                             Setback Ugh!
Unfortunately I've had a huge setback and gained weight so my new goal is to lose 60 lbs.  This setback makes me feel like my goal is impossible and so far away.  But I have no choice but to reach my goal, everything I want in life depends on it, literally.  I am not meeting military standards and could be discharged.  I also need to get in shape for possible civilian careers I may pursue.  It can be overwhelming but I guess I have to take it one pound and one day at a time.  Luckily for me, the only holding me back is myself which gives me some control.  Oh and my lack of sleep due to my schedule is a hindrance but I'm gonna try the mind over matter approach.  My before and after pictures are going to be worthy of a TV commercial, cant wait.
This Spartan race is one of my before pictures  I plan to race again this time in 2015 and it will hopefully be my after picture.  Next time maybe I can keep up with my teenage son.  It will be so much more fun if I can finish with him.  He's truly my hero on this fitness journey.  He came to my National Guard Unit with me and took my physical fitness test along side me for motivation.  Every now and then we go to the gym together and he's my workout police calling me out when I am slacking off.   I can't wait to make him proud when I reach my goal!  Also I can't wait to see my two girls who will be 3 & 4 run their first Spartan Kids race next year.

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